Fall of Regret:Part Two: '‘ALL ABOUT HER’'

Queens Park Arts Center, Aylesbury,UK

A joint project with MONIKA SKOCZYLAS.

“all about her” (the Pursuit of Happiness Proposal)

''I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in me,
And my inquiry is as to their working,
And my problem is their subjugation and victory,
downthrow and upheaval,
And my effort is their self expression.

''Dylan Thomas, Love letters

I believe many people associate the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as also the pursuit of desire and to be desired, the pursuit of love and the desire to be loved,

Basically photographs from my year living in the UK that describes my feelings of dislocation and alienation, falling in and out of Love and in and out of friendship with a Polish girl here in the UK.
The work pivots around me falling in love with this girl I met here who rejected me at first…trying to still be friends. But it’s not easy…then finding each other again in passion and in life.
Feelings of loneliness and rejection mellowed with hope and positivist and unfulfilled passion…
The project comprises of self portraits, landscapes and text running in double triptychs to run Horizontal along the wall in groups of three above each section. The work will be exhibited briefly in November here for three weeks only, I would love to further develop the work to be exhibited in you’re project as prints or a multimedia (slideshow) so it can gain further exposure and be viewed by a more diverse audience.
A much more conceptual and introverted work than my other projects, dealing with the absurdities and wasted time involved in love, lust and the unrequited parts of both.
An oblique and obvious work that takes portraits, letters, song lyrics, poetry, emails and self portraits as its composition…its requires the participation and permission of the woman portrayed
And includes her images of me and I hope it also stirs the public in the compassion and reflection of the viewers own heart. I Think I would like the project to be viewed as more sacrificial piece of work where I’m showing some bravery in exposing my past in all its weakness…who knows…
but it is a form of exorcism for me that I hope the viewer can relate to in his or her life experiences…(you can be weak or hard in the way you deal with life and the knocks it gives you but those sections of you’re life still form the person you are and the way you deal with the next adventures as a repetition of those mistakes, bricks in a wall or pages to learn by).

K I R K E L L I N G H A M / M O N I K A S K O C Z Y L A S